97% of Network Marketers Fail

Why Do 97% of Network Marketers Fail?

We have all heard these sayings. “If you continue to do the same things, you will continue to get the same results”. “Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results is the definition of insanity”.

Why is it that 97% of the people that attempt network marketing fail?


It is because they only try the methods taught to them at the business meetings and on the conference calls.

Your upline leaders ALWAYS have multiple streams of income in addition to their primary business.

They sell you books, CDs, and webinars, and they get paid for speaking engagements and training sessions.

They have multiple ways of generating leads, and have ever growing lists of people contacting them who want to hear their message. There are other ways to generate multiple streams of income so that your network marketing business can grow and be successful.

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People You Talk To Want To Join A Leader

I am sure you have done it before yourself. Someone told you about a business opportunity. Maybe it was a friend or relative, and you thought it was a good idea to join the business. Then you either joined a leader or at the very least considered it for a moment.

You can build that same kind of following for yourself. If you want to be successful, you have to.

Do not try to reinvent the wheel, copy what does work, and avoid what does not work.


The Number 1 Reason 97% of Network Marketers Fail

They run out of people to talk to about their business. They followed all the old methods that their upline told them. They looked under their sinks and on the shelf in the garage to find the phone book so that they could look up the phone numbers of the people they know or do business with.

While the true leaders were following methods that actually work now. Take common actions, and you will get common results. True leaders follow a different path. Model what works, in order to create uncommon results.


The Final Reason 97% Of Network Marketers Fail

First they follow old outdated methods of building a team that no longer work. Then they run out of new people to talk to about their business. Then finally they realize that they are not making any money from the business or they run out of money to try and build their network marketing business.

The people at the top of the leaderboards do things differently right from the start. You should too.


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