Day 1

Welcome to Millionaire365. You Can Earn $1,000,000 within one year. We are going to do it, and we are going to show you how we did it so that you can do it too. Welcome to the success train, lets get started.

Yesterday we accepted the challenge, and today we are on the road to achieving our goal of generating $1,000,000 worth of income in 1 year’s time. Yesterday we layed out our goal, and listed the tools and assets that we have available to help us start our journey.

These are the Action Steps I outlined last night to be completed today:

  1. Get Money card
  2. Load card with $100
  3. Get a business license
  4. Purchase Cleaning Ebook
  5. Get an Aweber account to maintain the Millionaire365 mailing program.
  6. Setup mail program
  7. Prepare Marketing materials

We are now business owners. We will keep separate accounts for our business and personal finances. The business license enables us to open up a business bank account. The money card is an easy and convenient way to setup a money source strictly for the business that does not require credit scrutiny.

Cleaning homes and or offices in our spare time is going to be our first source of additional income. It is one of multiple income streams that we will employ to reach our $1,000,000 goal. If a particular income stream just does not fit with who you are, pick one or more of the multiple streams we will use that does fit you, to help you reach your goal.

We are off to a good start, and looking forward to tomorrow.

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Stephen Johnson

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