Day 13

Follow through is the order of the day for today. I know that for me web based activities are easy to do. It is the activities off the web that will take that extra bit of motivation to make them happen. I have to be honest today I could have gotten out and done some business prospecting, but allowed the rain to serve as an excuse not to do so.

I told you that I would be honest with you about my activities on this journey toward $1,000,000 in 365 days. So in the light of full disclosure I was downright lazy. You all as members with me on this trek toward our common goal have the the right to hold me responsible when I get off track. With that said I have to set some goals for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will definitely get out and do some prospecting for new customers. The groundwork has already been laid. I have business cards, contracting agreements, price sheets, etc… The only things missing are paying customers. That is one universal truth of business and of any type of financial achievement. No one becomes successful unless other people pay.

I also have to work on the blog layout itself. You will soon see some ads added to the layout of the blog. Not so many that they overshadow the message or the journey, but enough to create an additional revenue stream.

Stephen Johnson
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