Day 15

You may have noticed some changes today. There are ads down at the bottom of the page, now. One in particular Blogging To The Bank gives some very good information on starting and maintaining a profitable blog. Remember you need to have multiple streams of income for us to reach our goal of making $1,000,000 in 365 days.

There is also an additional post today “Online Jobs – Work From Home” it describes some work from home opportunities. Each of the businesses listed in the post allows you to work from your home office using your computer and a phone to create a steady full-time or part-time income depending on what your goal and time commitments are.

You definitely want to have some type of home business going. Every millionaire knows that it is not all about how much money you make. It is also about how much of it you are able to keep. A home based business helps you to do that. There are numerous tax saving that are available to you as a home business owner. Deductions such as paying your children to clean your home office and answer your business phone, deductions for mileage on your vehicle used for business purposes, a portion of your mortgage or rent may be deductible as a business expense, and hundreds of other deductions that can increase your take home from your current W2 job starting immediately.

I am not an Attorney or Tax Professional, so this post is for informational purposes only. However if you check with a local tax professional (or even an online one) they can give you more detail about the tax savings given to home business owners.

Stephen Johnson
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