Day 17

Are you getting excited about reaching your goal of making $1,000,000 in 365 days? I know that a lot of posts so far have been devoted to ways of making money offline. We will continue to share those avenues for reaching our goals as well, but we are here online for a reason.

You and I enjoy the comfort of being able to surf the net from the convenience of our homes. We want the opportunity to earn our money from the comfort of our favorite chair. You can make the kind of money it takes to live the life of your dreams, right here online. We have committed to each other to reach our goal of making $1,000,000 in 365 days, and that is what we are going to do.

Yes there is actual work that has to be done to reach that goal. You will have to do things that are new to you and maybe even time consuming or heaven forbid boring as well. Just as Donald Trump has to keep that ridiculous hairstyle of his, we all have to make some sacrifices to reach our financial goals.

Here on our blog we have posts about “How to Marry A Millionaire”, - the best dating site for sexy, successful singles!

where to find “Online Jobs”, and how to make money offline as well. So stay with us, and stay committed to the goal.

Stephen Johnson
Join us in making $1,000,000 in 365 days!

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