Day 23

We have music now. Click on the embed code to hear our challenge theme song. This a truly fitting song for our quest for $1,000,000 in 365 days.

I heard you say “Tell me, tell me how to be a Millionaire!”

Just as the quest for a better life, time, and financial freedom is timeless, so to is this song. Success is always there to be won. It will not yield willingly, you have to conquer it, and in some instances you have to conquer yourself to win it. This blog is about how to make our goal a reality. We are building the foundation of belief in ourselves and getting our sources together.

There are many paths to any destination, but few paved roads to get you there. Our challenge is one many people want to achieve, but few are willing to work for, and even fewer now how to achieve. The internet will be one of our major sources of income in this challenge.

You have seen this blog change with each new day, and there are many more changes to come. Each of us will be changing as well as we get closer to our goal. Somedays we may not accomplish the things we intend or even that we set out to do, but as long as we do not give up on our goal we can make it a reality.

Stephen Johnson
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