Day 24

How is your quest toward the goal of making $1,000,000 in 365 days going? Have you written out on paper exactly how much in cash and or assets you want to have and by what date? I am encouraged that this site has begun to make some income. I logged into my clickbank account and was encouraged to see that there is now income in the account.

The products that you see listed at the top and bottom of these posts and also on the sidebar have been a good fit in generating income. So if you are wondering how you can create income take a look at the options available to you here. Each of the products available on this page can help you to start down the path to financial freedom.

If you feel that marrying into the millions is more in line with your personal strengths then read our post about “Millionaire Matchmaking”. We will also be covering real estate information and other avenues to generating income. Your path to millionaire status may be different than anyone elses. Feel free to share your success and failures with us here. We are here to encourage each other toward our goals.

So share how your journey is going, and we will keep sharing with you how our progress is going as well.

Stephen Johnson
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