Day 26

Are you living the life you imagined for yourself? If not, what is the life of your dreams supposed to be like? Today I had a conversation with a gentleman who had recently retired at the age of 60. He stated that as he looked back on his life, he wished that he had done things differently.

Sometimes it is not about the money. It is not even about doing work that you enjoy. True happiness and fulfillment comes from having the time to enjoy your life. The gentleman I spoke with wishes that he had chosen a line of work that gave him more time freedom. He had been employed in work that he loved doing, and that he was paid well for doing. When he looked back on his life he could not remember ever really spending quality time with his family or extended family.

We are pursuing our goal of making $1,000,000 in 365 days. Once we have achieved that goal, or whatever our particular goal is we must take time to enjoy life. My little man forces me to take time away from blogging and computers in general. I have to get out and chase him as he rides his bike, or listen as he explains how he knows everything, but I should not ask him any science questions.

What will it take for you to enjoy your life?

Stephen Johnson
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