Day 29

We are getting even closer to the one month mark in our challenge to make $1,000,000 in 365 days. You may have noticed that the blog has truly gone global. We have pages in multiple languages, even the adsense and some of the other links on those pages are in that particular language. I do have to admit that I am not fluent in all those languages so if there are some errors in translation understand that it was not my intent to offend anyone.

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During this next week I will be seeking out opportunities to be a guest blogger on some other Millionaire blogs, and I welcome the opportunity to have a guest blogger share some of their insights and guidance with us here on this blog. Who knows, maybe we could even persuade the great “John Chow” or “Lisa Irby” to make an appearance. I do not know them, and they do not know me, but I will give them an invite, and see how it goes.

Today has been another great day for me. I smiled a lot, took a nap during the day. When it finally cooled down outside, me and my little man went outside so that I could watch him ride his bike, and play in the park.

The sooner you get your internet lifestyle going, the sooner you will be able to share lazy afternoons with your loved ones as well.

Stephen Johnson
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