Day 3

Today, I learned a very valuable lesson. Always have a backup plan, (and an actual backup). I made some changes to the blog yesterday and a domain migration being what it is I lost all the changes that I made yesterday. So today I am making the post for today as well as trying to recreate the message from yesterday.

With that lesson learned I will be writing the posts in Word first, then; copying them into the blog going forward. I am continuing on course toward our goal of generating $1,000,000 in income by June 12, 2012. Not a lot of work was accomplished toward that goal today due to a 4 hour journey to resurrect the site from the dead. I did come up with some good ideas to make the site more interesting. Among those ideas There will be a “Motivations” page with pictures, articles and interviews about the things that we would do once living the millionaire lifestyle.

Here is one motivation that is high on my list.

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