Day 31

There is a funny thing about goals, as long as you do not give up on them they are still achievable. So our goal of making $1,000,000 in 365 days is still on track. Yes, there have been some days when things did not go as planned, but such is life.

Have you made your trip down to the bookstore yet? If you are wondering why I would ask you that, then you have not read our post about making your million by writing your movie script, screenplay, or book. There are many ways to make your fortune from writing. You could even start your own successful blog. If you are wondering how take a look at the links here on the blog that guide in you in creating income from writing.

There are many ways to make it to millionaire status. There is one thing that the majority of the millionaires on the planet have, and that one thing has created all the billionaires on the planet. That one thing that all of these successful people have is a business. Your business can take any legal path to financial success but almost all the paths to millionaire status and beyond involve a corporation. Tune in tomorrow and we will tell you not only how to get one setup, but also some of the advantages of having a corporation.

Stephen Johnson
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