Day 32

If you are serious about making your fortune, a corporation is one vehicle that helps you to get there faster, and be able to keep more of your money. When your business or corporation buys items specifically for the business they may be tax deductible.

Even services that you pay for that are specifically for your business or corporation are tax deductible. Services such as business phone use, business related internet service, business related mileage, or trips to business seminars and workshops. All of these expenses that may be coming directly out of your pocket can be deducted when you have the proper business structure.

In addition to all the business related expenses that your business is able to deduct you are building something that can live beyond your years and become a legacy for your family. Remember our journey is not just about the money. It is about time freedom as well. To create that time freedom sometimes requires hiring or contracting others to do work that would have tied us down.

Our goal is to move beyond the way things have been to the way we truly want them to be. We can create the life we have dreamt of when we use the correct vehicle to get us there. A corporation is one of the best vehicles to help achieve the financial succes we desire. It is even possible to get your own corporation for less than $500. So click the link above and see for yourself.

Stephen Johnson
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