Day 33

What is your special talent. Each of us has something that we are good at. As long as our special talent is legal it is something that we can use to create our fortune. You may think that you have no special talent. Is there anything that your friends or relatives call you to do or to help them with.

For some of us they call anytime they are having computer issues and need some “free” tech support. You may be the sister they call every year in April for some last minute tax advice. You may be cousin B.J. who does a great job with hair.

The magic happens when you turn whatever your special skill is into more than a one person operation. To reach our goal of $1,000,000 in 365 days, it helps to duplicate our efforts. We can do that by creating our plan, and including ways for countless others to help us in generating income.

Elvin the tech support guru can create an ebook or “how to” guide that he sells online through an army of affiliates. Susie the tax expert can start her own tax business and have all those freeloaders stop by her office, and pay her for her expertise. Whatever your special skill is you can enlist others to help you make more money with it

So stay with us, and let us help you to to reach your financial goals.

Stephen Johnson
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