Day 35

Here is a quote from Winston Churchill that should help us keep the right frame of mind as we move toward our goal. Churchill said “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”. That is a powerful statement. Each of you reading this blog has probably spoken of or even attempted to create a better financial situation for yourself. Many of us have failed in previous attempts.

Often ultimate success is built on progressive failures on the way to achieving our goals. Another important lesson learned today is that getting the advice of a more informed expert before making drastic changes is a good idea. The knowledge was gained because the hosting plan that this blog is on several of my domains kept going over their bandwidth limits on a daily basis. I was ready to tell the “fat lady” to clear her throat. So I called the hosting company and told them my problem. It turned out that I had limited myself to less than 1% of the bandwidth that was available. This was something that was always available to me.

What percentage of success have you limited yourself to? If you take the time to really look at your situation you will probably find that you have limited yourself to much less than 100% of what you are capable of achieving.

Stephen Johnson
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