Day 37

We are paying our dues now. As we journey toward our goal. I sent out an invitatation to John Chow to do a guest blog, and learned a very valuable lesson. I am thankful for one of his posts about guest blogging.

In the post it spoke of building your online street credit. It is true of us as well. In our journey to reach our goal of making $1,000,000 in 365 days we have to provide value to others, the question we have to ask and answer is what value can we provide to others.

Then once we can think of our way of providing value, we have to actually do it. This blog is one way of providing that value. Have you discovered a way that you can provide value to others. Do you have your own blog, or have you made your mark on this internet universe in some other way.

We will work to include a lot more humor in the blog because if we want to build traffic then two of the best ways are humor and controversy. Being a reserved person by nature controversy has never been one of my strongpoints, but maybe I will get my ex to provide a guest post or two that should provide some controversy.

For those of us who work with customers there are things we would like to say, but cant. We can share them here. One that I had to hold back recently was “No sir, I am not saying that you are lying, it is just that your lips are moving and the truth is not coming out”.

If you have always wanted a place to share your thoughts about rude customers. Bring them on.

Stephen Johnson
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