Day 38

Smoking hot barbeque on the grill. It is summer and this internet lifestyle gives us the opportunity to really enjoy the heat in a tasty manner. Grilled ribs and a nice glass of wine shared with friends during the middle of the workday, what a way to live. How are you spending your summer days?

Are you motivated enough to work toward your goals yet? We all have that inspirational moment that lets us see what our lives could be if we could just work through our present circumstances. Or maybe we reach a point of disgust that forces us to look at things differently.

You are here on the internet searching for a way to make money online. Do you have domain name yet? Do you know how to choose one? Your domain name should give potential customers an idea of what type of product or service you are offering. Often people receive emails from some company that they never contacted and spend hundreds or thousands to learn how to to make a website.

Making a website is easy. First you decide what you want to offer, whether it be a product or service. Then once you decide on what you want to offer you select a domain name that gives an idea of what that product or service is. Then you check to see if that domain name is available. If it is not the you select another domain name that is similar and available. When you have your domain name you will need hosting. Hosting is like the neighborhood where your domain name lives.

Come back tomorrow and we will tell you where to get your domain name, hosting and even how to install the software on your new website.

Stephen Johnson
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