Day 39

In yesterday’s post we told you that today we would tell you how to to get your website setup. One of the best places to go to get your domain name and web hosting is at


Once you have your domain name and hosting package you can login to your cPanel, go to the software section, and use Fantastico Deluxe. When you click on Fantastico Deluxe, it will take you to a page with a multitude of software applications on the left hand side.

One of the easier website applications to work with is WordPress. You can select it on the left hand side after you have clicked on Fantastico Deluxe. Select new install and leave the location box blank. There are how to videos in the support section of the hostgator site. When you click support on the hostgator site, look on the far right side, and you will see the link to the videos. There are also text based instructions on how to install WordPress, and how to use it.

There is no need for you to pay hundreds or thousands for someone to teach you how to get your website built. As I said before building the website is the easy part. Stay with us, and we will provide you with resources to add content to your site and start making money from it.

Stephen Johnson
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