Day 4

Today was a productive day. I did not make it to the courthouse on time on day 1, so today I picked up the business license for the cleaning business. Then I got 2 domain names. One name that matches the business name exactly and another name because it had the most monthly searches for a cleaning service in my local area.

Remember, our journey is to $1,000,000 in 365 days. The cleaning business is the first step in that process. You may choose another method of starting your money funnel. We started with $100 of seed money. On day one we spent $1 for the first month of mailing list service through Aweber. Today we spent $16 for a business license, and $20.30 for 2 domain names. Total expense so far $37.30

This blog will be another source of income, and yes I will be sharing with you how you can create your own blog. Not just start your own blog, but drive traffic to it and profit from it as well. Tomorrow’s action steps will include getting business cards, setting up the a website and most importantly getting customers. On your own journey toward the $1,000,000 prize you should be creating your own web presence as well.

You need a website. That can be your first step in your money funnel. Start with a domain name, then leave a comment or a post, and I will show you how to get your website built for free. Well, it is getting late, and if I am going to get this post completed before midnight, I better publish it now.

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