Day 43

What would you say is one of the major things necessary for accomplishing our goal of making $1,000,000 in 365 days? It is one of the same primary factors in the achievement of any goal. That golden ingredient is BELIEF. A belief that looks beyond what appears to be true, and sometimes even looks beyond the way the facts add up. Belief so strong that we are able to accomplish things that appear to be impossible.

Think back on the achievements in your life that bring you the most joy, or fills you with pride. When you were 5 and sitting in kindergarten would you ever have imagined any of those accomplishments to be possible? Our greatest joys come when we move beyond what we know to be possible and experience things that we only dreamed of.

Within and around the posts presented here in this blog are the realized dreams of others who moved beyond what was possible at the moment to create something more. Each word typed, and even each advertisement began as a thought that someone saw through to completion. How many failures will you have to go through while maintaining your enthusiasm?

The success that you seek is still there. Our goal is still very achievable. We can and will make it a reality. I know that I have asked you before, have you written your goalS down on paper? Have you written down possible paths to the accomplishment of your goal? If not get to writing, and I will see you here tomorrow.

Stephen Johnson
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