Day 47

SUBJECT : Easy Money?

We have all seen sites recently claiming you can make hundreds a day doing online surveys. Right!

The TRUTH is most are scams and give you bogus or outdated information. I had actually signed up for one of these a few months back and was very disappointed to say the least. Oh yeah, and I made zero dollars.

The other night I was listening to a radio talk show and heard an interview with a CEO of a large corporation, he was talking about how they use independent researchers to evaluate their products and services.

He went on to discuss how the internet has made it possible for them to get instant feedback from any population anywhere in the world. At the end, he mentioned the company and the site that people can sign up to participate. By the way, YES you get paid!

I signed up myself and I was amazed at the resources and professionalism of the entire site.

I was able to sign up with different groups and started doing surveys immediately. The more surveys I did, the more I got paid! I’m still amazed and wanted to share it with my loyal blog readers.



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