Day 5

Today was a productive day. As you can see from the other posts today, I did a post about marrying into millionaire status. It outilines what you need to know to marry a millionaire, and where to find them. For those of us who prefer to work toward our goal here are the days accomplishments.

I was able to get the order done for business cards for the cleaning business. The business cards should be ready to pick up on Thursday. So tomorrow I can start calling and or stopping by local businesses to get customers.

I also worked on the blog a bit today and added a Spanish language post. You will also notice a link to the Millionaire Matchmaker site as well. I joined their affiliate program, and if all goes well you should see a link to my dating site coming soon. The real meat of what I am doing each day is included in the “Action Steps” document that I update each day. In order to receive that document you will need to optin to the mailing list.

Tomorrow we will get some customers for the cleaning business. I will also show you how to get your blog started, step by step. So until then, stayed tuned, and I will see you tomorrow.

Stephen Johnson
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