Day 6

Today I worked on my customer list for the cleaning business. I used Google Squared to find businessess in my local area, and copied the list to a spreadsheet so that I will have a ready made list of businesses to contact and offer my services too.

I also did some work here on the blog as well. You may have noticed the additional post about Millionaire Online. Today we also talked a bit about the importance of having your own domain name. If you use a free blog site you are helping to build traffic that makes someone elses dreams come true. When you own your domain and drive traffic to a domain that you control, then you are building your own long term financial empire.

If you have questions about what a domain name is or how to get one of your own all you have to do is fill out your contact information in the optin form on the right, and I will walk you through how to select a domain name, and domain hosting. As an added bonus I am adding a link to something that I will blog about in more detail later. Many thousands of people each day search for information about survey on line. Here is a link that can help you make money with them.

Talk to you again soon.

Stephen Johnson
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