Day 7

Today was an interesting day. For about 4 hours the site had a very different look than it does now. Although I did like the look that was there it lacked some essentials, in particular the theme I chose lacked an opt-in area. I really want to be able to share action steps with you describing day to day activities toward our goal of $1,000,000 in 365 days. Without having you opt-in that would be a more difficult and time consuming task.

I also picked up the business cards for the cleaning business today. Now that I have the business cards it is time to shake the trees and actually get some customers for the cleaning service. Other than the theme change for the look of the site I am still working on ways to remove things that are not really beneficial to our goal (things like the original WordPress links) and replace those things with links and information that help us toward our goal.

One blogger that I know of makes over $40,000 a month just from his blog. His advice is to blog about something that you care about. Our goal of earning $1,000,000 in 365 days, has to be about something that you are passionate about. If your only motivation is the money, then it will be too easy to give up when the road gets tough. Start working on your “WHY”. That is what we will discuss tomorrow, the reasons why we wan to accomplish this goal.

Stephen Johnson
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