Day 8

Today I am able to spend quality time with my little man. I really enjoy this time when your child is young, and allows you the opportunity to be their hero. The joy of closeness, having them climb on you and run from you giggling as you attempt to tickle them.

That is what this challenge is all about. Making $1,000,000 in 365 days just for the sake of having the money is a waste of time and energy. Being a millionaire and having time and money freedom is the true goal. Time to really be able to enjoy a special closeness with those that we care about. It also takes commitment to the goal. As part of my preparation for and ongoing process of writing this blog I read other blogs about making $1,000,000 in 365 days. This one: lasted 8 days before the authors dream died.

How committed are you to your goal. What will it mean to you to accomplish it, not just the money, but what pleasure and enjoyment would time and financial freedom give you. It gives me the time to type out this blog while teaching my 7 year old son how to flip a quarter with his thumb. Life is truly worth living, and to live it you must experience it in the online world and the outside world where we can actually see, hear, and touch the life all around us.

Tomorrow I will be attending a Workshop on How to Start or Run a Business. Something that I noticed in the other blogs that I saw on making a million dollars is that all except one never had a plan or took the time to get one on how to achieve their goal. We are going to be different. Talk to you again tomorrow.

Stephen Johnson
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