How can I become a millionaire in 1 year

How Can I Become A Millionaire in 1 Year?


You can become an internet millionaire by becoming a Youtube sensation. Some Youtube stars make in excess of 1 million dollars a year. You can start with just a camera and and a free Youtube account.

Here are some examples of how much some of these Youtube stars make.

Channel Low Estimate of Yearly Income
High Estimate of Yearly Income
PewDiePie 2.1 million 17.2 million
Smosh 620,000 5.2 million
Blue Xeophos 380,000 3.2 million
Nigahiga 190,000 1.6 million
ERB (Epic Rap Battles in History) 2900,000 2.4 million
RayWilliamJohnson 110,000 970,000
Tobuscus 110,000 930,000
Toby Games 220,000 1.9 million
Your Name Here X00,000 XMillion

If Youtube is not your thing then maybe becoming a Champion Blogger is the answer to your question of how can I become an millionaire in a year. It can definitely be done. I am sure you have heard of this guy.

Webiste           Owner Monthly Income Income Source
Perez Hilton Mario Lavandeira $450,000 Advertising Banners




Posted by: myangel228 on 2013-05-18, 04:43:11If u find out plz let me know.
Posted by: puttingmorecreaminyourmilk on 2013-05-18, 04:44:28By going to few bank and asking nicely for lot of they money you, might have to do alto but, when you just jail time you can think of the best way to spend it….
Posted by: kittykid on 2013-05-18, 04:44:36Start the year with 2 million dollars. Somehow manage to spend $ 1 milion in the next 364 days that follow [365, in the case of leap years]. Bingo ! At the end of that year, you SHALL become a millionaire !
Posted by: jaded_debated on 2013-05-18, 04:44:53Rob about seventeen banks without getting caught… best of luck… I m sure you will do fine…
Posted by: Corn & Taters & Buckets of Gravy on 2013-05-18, 04:47:20Start with $1 and double your money every eighteen days.
Posted by: tonton274 on 2013-05-18, 04:50:51Win “who wants to be a millionaire “
Posted by: billy5662014 on 2013-05-18, 04:52:23I like corn and taters idea
Posted by: megz-xox-luv on 2013-05-18, 04:53:31Go on who wants to be a millionaire and wish for the best
Posted by: isabow27 on 2013-05-18, 04:54:12Was this a serious question?
Posted by: iamatrapstar on 2013-05-18, 04:55:27Sell ads for a paper 600,000 ads
Posted by: just another person on 2013-05-18, 04:56:40Beg $1 from 10000 people per day. you’ll be a millionaire very soon.
Posted by: Bitchisback on 2013-05-18, 04:57:06Win the lottery 🙂 then call me and we become good friends.
Posted by: Eagle Lover XP on 2013-05-18, 04:58:05Invest $1 Million in Gold or Microsoft Stock and you can get over a million and not just a million.
Posted by: blsmgs on 2013-05-18, 05:01:38If there was a simple answer here….. everyone would be millionaires…….
Posted by: aramis742 on 2013-05-18, 05:05:12For more advice, check out and get the book “The Success Principles ” by Jack Canfield. Stay focused on your goal and don’t let any of the naysayers get in your way.
Posted by: uttoransen on 2013-05-18, 05:09:06Try it, you may become,
Posted by: barbara on 2013-05-18, 05:22:25Determination, hardwork and being in the right career.
Posted by: skyrider on 2013-05-18, 06:47:27Go to ” who wants to be a millionaire “, buy a lottery ticket, marry any rich girl, rob a bank, lots of ways are there dude!! if all of them don’t work then have a nice sleep and dream that u r billionaire not millionaire….that’s the easiest way……

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