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Affiliate Marketing – is a marketing system where you as the affiliate are rewarded for sending visitors and or customers to online marketers websites. There are numerous methods for driving traffic through to your affiliate site. Many of those systems are free to you such as writing Ezine Articles, Facebook and Squidoo lenses.

One of the Affiliate Marketing Networks listed below, Wolfstorm Media has a very good training program for new affiliates. Clink the link and register.


Commission Junction


Blogging – a website maintained by an individual with frequently updated content which can include events, graphics or content. Blogs allow visitors to leave comments and send messages to each other. Bloggers can monetize their sites by having advertising content or selling products directly from the blog.


Building Websites – You can make $100 or more per day building simple one page websites for individuals and businesses in your area or anywhere with internet access. You can gain the knowledge of how to build websites by using the resources listed on the Online Sales Tools page of this site. With the tools available there you can create very detailed multi-page sites. This site was created using Kompozer which you can download for free.


Ebay Dropshippers – If you have ever been to the site, then you have a basic idea of how it works. You list your products for sale and interested buyers bid on the items. The buyer placing the highest bid wins the item. Selling items on Ebay is not for everyone and can be an involved process to get started. Ebay has training resources to teach you how to get started.


Flipping Websites – this can be done rather inexpensively, I have seen sites for sale at prices below $50. Once you have purchased a site you can tweak the color scheme, get links from other sites and do some other fine tuning to drive more traffic to the site. Your efforts should create some, or more income from the site than when you purchased it. If your site rehab is successful you could sell the site for 10 times what you payed for it or more.

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