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There you are on your dream vacation. You have all the time in the world to enjoy yourself. You and your best friends all laughing and having the time of your lives. You can do this because you have no boss to answer to. Your lunch break is 8 hours long with an hour of work mixed in. You have turned the corner of success. You can feel your success, taste it and touch it. You will even

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learn some ways to make you a Millionaire in 365 days.
Join me in the challenge to make One million dollars in 365 days. We are going to use multiple streams of income to reach our goal, and we can encourage and chastise each other toward the goal here on the blog. I will document what I am doing to reach the goal and I encourage you to share what you are doing as well. We “WILL” be the champions who are successful at reaching this amazing goal.

Focus On Your Dreams and Make Your Dreams Realities

I know you have seen the sites that sell books on how to become a millionaire in 365 days. You have even seen blogs that have taken up the challenge to become a millionaire in 365 days. Up to now you may not have seen or heard of even 1 of them that was successful in achieving that goal. The link below will not make you One Million dollars in 365 days, but it will get you started on making life changing income even while you sleep, click Create Online Income, and lets get the first income stream in your quest for millionaire status started.

The numbers below represent what you would need to do in sales to make a million dollars in a year.

$83,333.34 x 12 months = $1,000,000.08     in a year.

$19,231.00 x 52 weeks = 1,000,012                  in a year.

$ 2,739.73 x 365 days = 1000001.45                 in a year.


You have never made money online. It is possible for you to change that.  So here is what we are going to do to make this a true test of what is possible, probable, and do-able. You just have to model the actions of someone who is already doing what you want to do, or who you want to become.

What Determines Your Success?

Our success online depends entirely on our ability to provide value to people who see our page. You want to be able to work from home, the online lifestyle can create that for you. The best way to accomplish that is by helping others to create that lifestyle for themselves. Is your website on the BEACH or is it in a CAVE? You can attract visitors to it either way, you just have to attract each type of visitor differently. If you know exactly how to do that, then you should leave this page immediately and get busy.

Allow us to Send You the Tools to Succeed

If you need some guidance on how to create and build an online presence and online business you can start by clicking here: Show Me How to Embrace Success Online one of the first questions that your visitors will ask themselves is “who are you, and why should they listen to you?” The great thing is that you have experiences and knowledge that is valuable to someone searching for information on what you know. They do not know that you are the fountain that flows with the information that they are seeking, but you are. You have the solution to the problem that they are facing. That solution may come in the form of a product that you are selling, or knowledge that you will share with them through your blog, or other social media account.

What Tools Will You Need?

You do not need to have a fancy website in order to embrace success online. You just need to express yourself in a way that others can relate to. By sharing information in a manner that the Average Joe can accept, it is possible to build an income or even a lifestyle that others only dream of. Success online is a process. It can be duplicated by just about anyone. It will not just fall into your lap. You do have to work at it to make things happen, and you will need guidance. If you would like assistance from someone who knows the ropes and can lead you step by step. Give me approval to deliver the guidance you need to make your online business a success. Receive Tools and Templates to make your dreams realities, document and guide you on your journey toward Millionaire status.

I have even listed some ways on this site that others have become a millionaire in 365 days. To read or watch a video on how you can do it, you can either click the link in the categories section, or click the link here labeled “How The Gurus Make A Million In A Year.” It lists multiple ways that others have become a millionaire in a year there. We can also help you to reach that goal by receiving our newsletter which will give you updates on what works, and what does not. In order for you to make money on the internet, you have to be responsible for someone else buying something. You do not have to sell them your product, but you have play a part in them buying something. I can teach you how to do that.

So let’s do it!


  • Disclaimer: Becoming a Millionaire in a year or in 365 days is not typical. Most people will never do it. We are not saying that you can, or that you will, but we can and will show you how others have, and how others are doing it everyday online.


Stephen Johnson


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