Millionaire365 (Millionaire365) on Twitter

If you are looking for the Twitter account for on Twitter. You can find us here I know it can get confusing at times looking for the site that you are trying to find. This post is a prime example of what it means to own your brand. Once you know what you want your site name to be. You should register every free instance of that name that you can on sites like Youtube, WordPress, Tumblr, etc…

If you do not then others will grab your name in those places in an effort to have you drive traffic to their web properties. The visitors may not know that they are not reaching your channel which could put your web reputation at stake. The person who has the millionaire365 name at twitter had a domain name with a similar name at one time. That sight has been shut down for a while now, but since the twitter name is free until Twitter says otherwise the Twitter name remains.

If the address bar does not say or then you are probably in the wrong place. Owning your brand is very important.

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