Ways To Make A Million Dollars In A Year

Ways To Make A Million Dollars In A Year

There are many ways to make a million dollars in a year. Some of the ways that an average person can make a million dollars in a year are listed below.

Write an EBook

Write a book or an Ebook. A 200 page book can be written in a few months. By selling 100,000 books at $20 each you could net cash in hand of $1 million out of the $2 million generated. If you chose to go the EBook route you could sell 1 million copies of your ebook at $2 and end up with $1,000,000 cash in hand.

Sell Products on Amazon

You could sell 100,000 products on EBay or Amazon that produce at least $10 of profit after shipping and fees. There are even methods to automate the entire process. It is free to open up an Amazon seller account, and you can start quickly by using a process called Retail Arbitrage. That is where you go into your local stores like Walmart, Target, Annie’s Resale Shop or any other location find items at a discount or on sale then markup the price and sell them on Amazon. If you do not believe this works, go into your local store. Pick something up off the clearance shelf, check the price and see what that same item is selling for on Amazon.

There are also some excellent courses on how to get started. Even some courses on How to Make a million dollars in a year on Amazon.

Flip Houses

You could flip houses for a profit of $20,000 each. Do 50 and you have made your million. If not you will help the guy selling all those bandit signs on the side of the road make his millions. You have seen the bandit signs before, they are beside just about every stop light “We buy houses for cash.” If you do not want to try and negotiate with the owners or buyers, just help the other guys find those deals.

Create a Game or App

Create an addictive or useful game or app that people can download from Google play store or the Apple store. 1 million purchases at $3 each and you could make a million dollars in a year. Someone said that the guy who made the game Flappy Birds (which was a knockoff of Angry Birds and Donkey Kong) was making $50,000 a month just from advertising revenue on the game.


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